How can I get my episodes onto my website?

Embeddable Player

If you have any paid plan, you can use our embeddable player. On your episode dashboard, you'll find the embed code which you can add to your site's HTML:

You can see all of the player themes here.

WordPress plugins

Pinecast WordPress Sync

Pinecast offers a first-party plugin for WordPress. This is our recommended tool for WordPress site owners to sync their show to their website. The plugin creates one post per podcast episode, optionally putting those posts into a category.

Other WordPress plugins

If you're embedding your content on a Wordpress website, you can use any plugin that fetches your Pinecast RSS feed. The following two plugins are known to work with Pinecast:

Custom integrations

For folks with some technical knowledge, Pinecast's RSS feeds use CORS, so it's possible to fetch your feed from any webpage. You can use any RSS web widget to download your site's feed for embedding, regardless of the site's origin.

We also support JSON Feed, which is generally considered easier to work with than RSS. We recommend JSON Feeds for folks looking to create their own embeddable integration.

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