What does the embed widget look like?

There are currently three themes available for the embeddable player.


The minimal player features a basic play/pause control, with a clean UI and plenty of metadata. It is the default player theme.


The flat player has a clean, professional look with full controls (seek bar, skip options). All flat players use neutral colors that look good on both dark and light backgrounds.


The thick player has a seek bar and controls to skip forward and back. It shows the episode artwork, if available, and shows the podcast cover art if it is not. The thick player's background is a stylized version of the artwork.

White plastic

The white plastic player has a retro feel. It contains the same controls as the minimal player, with extra room for metadata and a large seek bar.


The slim player contains no metadata. It has a seek bar and basic controls. The slim player is designed to blend in on sites that have their own themes, and where the audio player should not draw the eye.

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