Why can't I access features of a podcast in my network?

Feature availability is determined by the plan of the podcast owner, regardless of the show's inclusion in a network. For example, even if you have the Crew Add-on and Pro Analytics Add-on, you will not have access to the advanced statistics of a podcast owned by a Demo or Starter customer that you have added to your network.

Some actions for podcasts, like deleting a show, can only be performed by the show's owner. This rule also applies to collaborators: only an owner can perform actions like deleting the show.

Last, if a show is owned by a user who is on our Icebox plan, the limits of the Icebox plan apply regardless of who has access to the show.

Also be aware that some features are not per-podcast, but per-account. Tip jars, for instance, are per-account. It isn't possible to affect the tip jar of another customer.

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