Many podcasters eventually stop podcasting. Sometimes it's a temporary hiatus, sometimes it's an extended break between seasons, and sometimes it's indefinitely due to external factors.

For folks who are no longer producing episodes, a full Pinecast Starter subscription can be expensive to maintain, especially if the podcast is unlikely to receive a huge influx of new listeners. Keeping the show online is desirable, but the continued hosting cost can be burdensome.

Pinecast Icebox is a solution for these folks: it allows you to place your account into a low-cost annual subscription in exchange for read-only access while maintaining most of the features of our Starter plan.

The Icebox is priced at $2/mo, billed annually ($24 every year). The cost of enabling the Icebox is prorated.


To be eligible for the Icebox, the account must not have uploaded any episodes in the past 60 days. You can check eligibility by visiting your dashboard:


Switching to the Icebox removes all add-on packages associated with the account. This removes any functionality provided by those add-ons, in the same way as when an add-on is removed from the account.

Icebox members can remain in a podcast network, though functionality may be limited. Non-Icebox network members will be unable to modify a podcast owned by an Icebox member.


Most functions of a podcast are disabled. The following features are disallowed:

  • New episodes

  • Modification of episodes

  • Episode renumbering

Additional features may also be disabled.

The following features are NOT disabled:

  • Enabling feed redirects

  • Deleting podcasts

  • Deleting episodes

  • Updating distribution

  • Changing analytics providers

  • Tip jar functionality

  • Account management (changing email, password, etc.)

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