Why hasn't my episode appeared?

New episodes

If you've recently uploaded the episode using the "New episode" page, there are a few reasons why the episode may not have appeared.

My episode is missing from my podcast dashboard.

If you are on the free plan, your episode may be archived if ten or more newer episodes have been published. This is a limit of the free plan.

If you are not on the free plan, please contact customer support to help diagnose the problem.

My episode is missing from a directory, like Apple Podcasts.

Pinecast RSS feeds are cached for a short time. This allows us to serve them quickly on our global CDN. This means that your episode may take some time to appear in your feed:

  • Free accounts: feeds update every hour

  • Starter plan: feeds update every 15 minutes

  • Starter plan + Hi-Fi Add-on: feeds update every 5 minutes

If you've waited longer than the feed caching time above, there might be another reason your episode hasn't appeared:

  • Directory websites update infrequently (usually once per day). Is your episode available on another directory or app? If so, the problematic app or directory may just need some time to update. If you need an episode to appear in Apple Podcasts or iTunes immediately, you can manually refresh your feed in the Podcasts Connect dashboard.

  • Check that your episode has been published. If the publish time is in the future, it will not appear in your feed. Episodes with a publish time in the future appear with a green border in the list of episodes on your podcast dashboard.

  • Check that your episode is not marked as private. Private episodes will not appear in feeds or on podcast websites. A private episode will appear with a dark gray left border and a "crossed-out eye" icon. If you have the Growth Add-on, you may have configured episodes to automatically be marked as private until after a certain amount of time.

If you recently imported your podcast from another host, check that you have properly configured a redirect from your old host to your Pinecast feed. Doing this will ensure your subscribers start using your new feed along with directories like Google Play and Apple Podcasts. If you have not added a redirect, directories may still be looking at your old feed, which would not have new episodes.

If you are unsure of how to check that the redirect is configured correctly, please get in touch. We're happy to help.

I recently imported my podcast and episodes are missing from my podcast website or feed.

If you recently imported your podcast and episodes are missing from your dashboard, it could mean that there was a problem importing your show. If your podcast or any episodes exhibit characteristics that we don't recognize, they may have been added to a review queue. We will flag imports for review if:

  • We encounter files that we don't expect. For example, if an MP3 file is served as a raw binary blobs instead of as audio, we will flag the episode. Flagged episodes must be inspected manually before the episode can be distributed by Pinecast.

  • The feed contains unexpected data or is missing data. If there are non-obvious issues with the feed, we will manually review what might be wrong. We do not attempt to import podcasts if we are unsure that they will import successfully, as it could be hard to fix later.

In either case, please get in touch. We're happy to assist you in getting your new show up and running on Pinecast.

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