Feed caching

Pinecast RSS feeds are cached. That means that a published episode may not appear in your RSS feed for 5 minutes to one hour after its scheduled publish time. The amount of time that it takes for the cache to refresh depends on the subscription of the account that owns the podcast. After the cache delay, any newly published episodes or changes to your feed will take effect.

  • Free accounts: 1 hour cache

  • Starter accounts: 15 minute cache

  • Starter + HiFi accounts: 5 minute cache

This policy affects the following:

  • Metadata on your podcast (name, description, etc.)

  • Podcast cover artwork

  • Newly published episodes

  • Updates to episode metadata (title, show notes, etc.)

  • Updates to episode audio

Note that directories update your feed as infrequently as once every 24 hours (Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, etc.). The caching policy described here only affects subscribers; directory listings and other feed consumers may cache your feed themselves for longer than 15 minutes.

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