What is upload surge?

If you're on a paid Pinecast plan, you'll have access to upload surge. Surge allows you to upload files larger than your plan's file size limit equal to your show's limit every thirty days.

For example, the Starter plan includes an 80MB limit. You can upload unlimited audio files up to 80MB each. However, with upload surge, you get an extra 80MB every thirty days to cover overages. That means that you can upload a single file audio file that is 160MB (and unlimited 80MB episodes), two files that are 120MB (and unlimited 80MB episodes), etc.


Surge resets thirty days from when you use it. It is calculated on a rolling basis: if you use 20MB of your surge today, you will get back that 20MB thirty days from now.

Surge does not reset all at once on a particular day.

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