Why haven't my listen analytics updated?

Listen analytics are processed as fast as possible, though sometimes they can be delayed. During maintenance, the analytics processing pipeline may be paused so that the maintenance can be completed safely—this is normal, and no data is lost.. If a subscriber listens to an episode in your feed, it usually takes only a few seconds to process. During maintenance, we aim for analytics to catch back up within about thirty minutes.

If you are concerned that Pinecast is not working properly, please contact us directly.


Pinecast does not track listens from sources that it determines to be bots. If we determine that a listen is from an automated source rather than a genuine listener, we will filter it from your analytics on your dashboard.

We also filter what we consider to be "duplicate" listens. If we believe that two listens are from the same listener within a 24 hour window, we'll automatically filter the second listen out.

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