Are audio files modified in any way?

Pinecast does not transcode your audio after you have uploaded it for most listeners. We do not re-encode your audio files for general distribution.

When uploading files, you may be prompted to add metadata or episode artwork. We will modify your MP3 file to add the appropriate ID3 tags. This physically modifies the file, but a non-corrupt file should not be negatively affected in any way. If ID3 tags are added, existing tags will be overwritten.

When a non-MP3 (e.g., M4A/AAC) file is uploaded, we will transcode this file to MP3. The MP3 is stored alongside the M4A version at a sufficiently high bitrate. For services which request an MP3 file (or which have problems with M4A/AAC files), we may provide the MP3 file instead of the original AAC file.

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