Do listens count all apps, like Apple Podcasts and Spotify? Or just one?

Your listen and subscriber analytics include all listens and subscriptions for all listeners across all platforms. This includes Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and others.

Pinecast serves your RSS feed to any directory that you submit it to (Apple, Google, and others). When a user subscribes to your feed with that app, they start regularly downloading your RSS feed to their device. When their device chooses to download an episode, we make a note of the listen. That is to say, all of the apps work the same: polling your RSS feed, and downloading episodes over HTTPS.

We then process those listen events and store them in our analytics database. You can break down the listens in a number of ways:

  • Listens by Source: This shows whether your listeners used an app, listened in their browser, or had a direct link to the audio file on Pinecast.

  • Listens by Agent: The agent is the app used to download the episode. If the listener was using a web browser, the name of the browser will be listed.

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