How do I move my podcast away from Pinecast?

You can leave Pinecast at any time.

Steps to leave Pinecast

  1. Set up your podcast on your new hosting service. Most podcast hosting services offer an import tool that will copy your assets from Pinecast. You should use this tool to import your podcast to your new host.

  2. After importing, be sure to inspect each episode to make sure that links in your episode description are accurate.

  3. Visit your show's Pinecast podcast dashboard. Click the Settings > Feed Redirect tab and follow the steps.

Do not delete your podcast from Pinecast. Deleting your podcast will cancel any active feed redirect. Once the redirect is active, Pinecast is no longer serving any episodes—simply downgrading your account and leaving your show as-is is more than enough.

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription by visiting the My Subscription page (linked at the top of every page) and clicking the link at the bottom to downgrade to a free Pinecast account.

  • You do not need to maintain an active membership for an RSS redirect to persist. Redirects are permanent.

  • If you downgrade to the free plan, your feed will be limited to the most recent ten items. If you upgrade again in the future, the archived episodes will be returned. Your feed will not be made inactive because your account has been downgraded, and you will not lose subscribers.

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