Embeddable app links

Our Short Links feature links to podcast apps. We show the podcast apps which are most likely to be installed based on the type of device your listener is using.

Now, you can use those same links on your own website, without linking out to Pinecast. These are the default on Pinecast podcast websites (under the Subscribe Links layout module), and work for all podcasts on paid plans—even if the show's Short Link is disabled.

A screenshot of the embeddable widget section on the Settings page of a podcast dashboard.

Be aware that embeddable widgets are unavailable for password-protected podcasts.


You can set up an embeddable widget from the Settings > Short links tab on your podcast dashboard. You can customize:

  • The height of the widget in pixels

  • The alignment of the icons within the widget

The widget will default to 100% width (of the container it is placed within. If there are more app icons than the widget can fit, icons will be trimmed from the end.


Short link click-through analytics from the embeddable widget are tracked with your podcast's normal short link analytics. Visits (and their derived metrics, like operating system) are not currently counted.

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