Demo (Free) Accounts

A Pinecast demo account is free forever. We hope that in trying Pinecast, you enjoy your demo account experience and upgrade to a full, paid plan.

  • Demo accounts are limited to two podcasts per account.

  • The podcast import tool is not available for demo accounts.

  • An unlimited number of episodes may be added, but only the most recent ten episodes will be available to view in the podcast dashboard and the podcast RSS feed. Upgrading to a paid plan will restore the hidden episodes.

  • Episode audio is limited to 48MB (per episode). You are free to split episodes into smaller episodes.

  • Only a small subset of analytics views will be available.

  • Episode descriptions will contain a link to Pinecast. Upgrading to a paid plan will remove the link.

  • The Tip Jar is unavailable for accounts that do not have a paid plan.

  • Feeds are cached for one full hour. This may mean that episodes are not published immediately on their publish time.

Episodes older than the most recent ten are not deleted, but they are not available to view or edit. Upgrading your plan will make them available again.

All analytics data that is collected for higher-tier plans will always be collected for all podcasts (even ones owned by demo accounts), meaning analytics data will retroactively be provided if the account is upgraded.

Unavailable Features

The following features are not available to demo accounts:

  • Import tool

  • Networks

  • Embeddable episode player

  • Podcast website

Add-on packages can only be added to accounts with an existing Starter plan subscription.


When downgrading from a paid account to a demo account, the above restrictions will be imposed. However, the following stipulations apply:

  • If the account being downgraded has more than two podcasts, no podcast will be deleted. No new podcasts will be allowed until the number of podcasts has been lowered or the account has been upgraded again.

  • No analytics data will be lost by downgrading. This data will only be lost if the podcast is deleted.

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