Tip Jar

The Pinecast Tip Jar allows listeners to send monetary contributions to content creators.

In order to be able to leave a tip, a podcast must have set up a payout account. This can be done from the Tips tab on a podcast dashboard. To receive payouts, you may connect a bank account domiciled in your country using currencies recognized by the country you live in. In the EU and the UK, bank accounts may be domiciled in most EU countries and use any EU currency.

By using the Pinecast Tip Jar, you agree with and accept the Stripe Connected Account Agreement.

You will also be required to provide some personal information. This is used to satisfy compliance requirements from government regulators (KYC/AML) and financial partners. Your personal details are kept in strict confidence by our payment processor, Stripe. More information may be requested over time, or if your identity cannot be verified with the details provided.

Once a payout account has been added, tips will begin being accepted. A URL will be available in the Tips tab of your podcast dashboard, and an auto-include option will be added when adding new episodes.

Note: Setting up a payout account will not retroactively enable tip auto-include for all previous episodes.

Tips are processed by Stripe, so a small percentage of the tip is deducted to cover the cost of processing the transaction. Pinecast takes no convenience fee.

Tips may be recurring or one-time. One-time tips create a recurring membership that auto-cancels after the first month. Folks who use the one-time subscription option can increase their tip amount up to the maximum or disable auto-cancellation, but cannot make another tip with their subscriber account.

Tips may have a maximum value based on the currency of the tip:

USD $150
BRL R$750
CZK Kč3000
DKK Kr.1000
HKD HK$1000
HUF Ft45,000
JPY 1,500,000
NOK kr1500
RON lei600
PLN zł600
SEK kr750

Each single tip may not exceed a podcast's tip limit. There are no limits on the total tips a show can receive.

Tips are automatically paid out once per week. Tips are held for a minimum of seven days until the next payout date. Payouts occur every Friday.

Recurring Tips

Recurring tips will automatically charge the tipper once per month at the donation level that they choose. Tippers may update their subscription at any time, though tips are not refundable.


Pinecast sends 1099 tax documents to US-based tip jar users. More information is available on our tax page.

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