Our Crew Add-on allows notifications to be configured on a podcast-by-podcast basis. A notification has two parts: a trigger and a destination. The trigger is the event that causes the notification to be sent. The destination is where the notification is sent.


The following triggers can be configured for a podcast:

  • Tip: The podcast receives a tip.

  • Feedback: The podcast or one of its episodes receives a comment in the Feedback form.

  • First Listen: An episode of the podcast receives its first listen.

  • Listen Threshold: An episode's total listen count crosses a customizable threshold.

  • Growth Milestone: The podcast has received enough listens to cross a growth milestone, as defined on the podcast dashboard.


The following destinations are allowed:

  • Email: The notification will be sent as an email to the podcast owner.

  • Slack: The notification will appear as a Slack message using a Slack hook URL.

  • Discord: The notification will appear as a Discord message using a Discord hook URL.

  • Webhook: The notification will be sent as a HTTP webhook to a customizable URL.

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