Configuring DNS settings for a custom domain

The instructions for configuring DNS settings for your Pinecast website vary by domain registrar. Choose one of the domain registrars listed below to get instructions on configuring your DNS settings.

We strongly recommend using Cloudflare's free (or paid) service for your DNS provider. You do not need to transfer your domain to Cloudflare to use their free service. This does not change your relationship with your domain registrar.

Configuration with Cloudflare

We recommend using Cloudflare to set up your podcast website's domain configuration. Cloudflare will automatically apply a HTTPS certificate to your domain name.

The full instructions for setting up Cloudflare can be found here:

Configuration with other DNS providers

You will want to create a new DNS record with your DNS provider (usually the registrar that you registered your domain name through). 

  • Name or Host: @  (a single "at" character)

  • Record Type: A

  • Target/Value:

  • TTL: Automatic, or one hour

Click Save when you're done. If there are other A or CNAME records for @ (or for your domain name without a subdomain prefix), remove them. Please ask us for help if you're unsure.

If you'd like to support a www. version of your domain name, add an identical record to the details above, but use "www" for the name/host instead of "@".

On Pinecast, visit your podcast dashboard.

  1. If you have not already set up a site, visit the Podcast website tab and click the option to create a site.

  2. Click the button to open the Site Builder.

  3. Switch to the Settings tab, then Custom Domain.

  4. Set the domain name and save.


  • Be sure you have domain parking disabled.

  • Be sure the domain name you set in Pinecast does not include the www.. Only the non-WWW version of your domain should be set in Pinecast.

  • Do not use the "URL rewriting" or "URL redirect" feature on your domain provider. Only use DNS settings.

  • HTTPS URLs are only available if you choose to use Cloudflare. HTTPS will not work if you use a different DNS provider.

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