Subscribing to password-protected feeds

When using our password protection feature, we add a username and password to feeds. To add these feeds to most podcast apps, you need to make an adjustment to the feed URL.

Normally, a feed looks like this:

For password-protected feeds, you'll see a URL like this on your dashboard:

https://feed:[YOUR PASSWORD]

This uses standard HTTP password protection for your feed. The difference is the feed:[YOUR PASSWORD]@ piece, which instructs browsers and podcast apps to add a username and password.

To use these URLs, replace [YOUR PASSWORD] with the password you've chosen. We don't store the plaintext version of your password in our systems, so we can't display it back to you.


You'll add the updated URL (with [YOUR PASSWORD] replaced) to podcast apps just as you normally would. The following apps do not support password-protected RSS feeds:

  • Spotify

  • Google Podcasts (web, not mobile)

  • iHeartRadio

  • Pandora

  • Acast

  • Castbox

Other apps may not support password-protected feeds. Please reach out if you are unsure of whether your podcast app will allow you to add a protected feed URL.

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