Submitting your podcast to YouTube Music

Google publishes their own guide for submitting your feed to YouTube music. You can follow it here:

Before submitting your podcast to YouTube Music, be aware that you will not receive analytics for YouTube Music in Pinecast. Listen data from YouTube Music is only available via YouTube Studio.

Additionally, clip insertion will not work with YouTube Music.

Be aware!

There are some important notes about YouTube Music submission:

Submission process

First, you'll want to make sure you have a YouTube account. When you log in, click your profile image in the upper right and choose YouTube Studio.

From the Create menu on YouTube Studio, choose New Podcast.

In the modal that appears, choose the option to "Submit RSS feed".

At this step, you may be asked to verify your account. To verify, you may be asked to take a video of yourself with your phone or to scan your identity document. This verification process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

After verification, you'll be prompted to accept YouTube's terms of service. Then:

  1. Provide your RSS feed URL. You can find this on your podcast dashboard.
  2. You'll need to verify ownership of your podcast. YouTube will send a code to the email you use to log into Pinecast. Provide this code where requested.
  3. You will select the episodes of your podcast to include on YouTube Music. For most users, this will be "all episodes."
    1. If your podcast contains paid promotions, you'll need to declare those episodes as including promotions. These episodes may not be public by default.

After this process, you will receive an email when your podcast is ready to go live. At this point, you'll need to visit YouTube Studio and choose Content > Podcasts, and choose the Publish option next to your podcast feed.

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