Service Limits

Most features are unlimited for paid Pinecast plans, but there are some limits that exist system-wide.

  • All images are limited to 2MB each. This includes podcast cover images, episode images, and network cover photos.

  • Any email containing a confirmation link expires within two days of it being sent.

Episode Size Limits

Each plan has a limit on the size of an episode that can be published. This is to combat abuse and guarantee a quality of service.

  • Demo: 48MB

  • Starter/Community: 80MB

  • Starter with Hi-Fi Add-on: 256MB

All paid plans include an extra upload "surge" equal to one episode worth of storage. This bonus can be used across episodes in any sliding thirty day window.


When importing episodes, MP3 files are limited to 256MB each, regardless of your plan. Surge does not apply to imported episodes.

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