Pinecast provides a subdomain for every podcast created with a paid plan which can be populated with a beautiful custom site that is automatically generated.

Sites are hosted on (rather than as a security feature.

Creating a Site

  • When creating a new podcast while you have a paid plan, choose the option to create a podcast website. We'll set one up when your podcast is created.

  • If you have a podcast without a podcast website, click the "Enable podcast website" button on the Overview tab on your podcast dashboard.


Multiple designer themes are available to use with your site. To change the theme that you chose when creating your site, follow these steps:

  1. On your podcast dashboard, click the link to access the Site Builder. You'll find this below the URL of your podcast website.

  2. Choose a new preset. You can modify the preset by changing from the "Presets" tab to another view. You can modify the layout of your site from the "Layout" tab along the top.

Other Features

All sites can add Google Analytics tracking codes to their pages by adding their tracker ID on the Edit page of the site.

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