Community Guidelines

Pinecast is committed to free speech and artistic expression, however we must also protect the rights and interests of the community while also obeying relevant laws and protecting our own service.

Content Restrictions

The following content will not be allowed on Pinecast:

  1. Malicious or hateful speech, or the promotion of discrimination on the basis of things like race, ethnic origin, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation

  2. Content promoting, glorifying, or encouraging harm to minors

  3. Promotion, glorification, or encouragement of self-harm

  4. Promotion of violent and/or illegal acts

  5. Grossly obscene content hosted on episodes not marked as explicit

  6. Episodes containing only promotional content or advertisements; all content must have unique creative value

  7. Stolen or otherwise pirated content that is not covered by fair use

  8. Public domain content posted as copyrighted or with a license that does not perpetuate the content's public domain status

  9. Deceptively named content/URL abuse (squatting), impersonation, or trademark infringement

  10. Content that attempts to abuse or otherwise manipulate the consumer's device in some way (malware, malicious code, etc.)

  11. Contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways must follow the guidelines posted on this site

  12. Harassment of any kind

  13. Invasion of privacy, unauthorized posting of personal information

  14. Content that abuses Pinecast's infrastructure


If you have found content hosted on Pinecast that violates these standards, please report the content immediately to Pinecast support.

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