Community Plans

Pinecast offers Community plans, which are free and contain many of the same features as the Starter plan.

Who can qualify?

We make that plan available to shows that have content of unique creative value that we believe benefits the podcasting community at large. Non-profit organizations do not automatically qualify. Per the criteria below, anyone–including individuals, government organizations, and commercial entities–may apply.

Qualifying for a Community Plan

The following guidelines must be met to qualify for a Community plan:

  • The user must not be publishing their podcast for commercial purposes. The podcast may be published by a for-profit organization, but it may not be an instrument for making a profit.

  • The user's content must not contain obscene, grossly offensive, hateful, or otherwise unreasonably distasteful material.

  • These plans may not be used exclusively for marketing, evangelical, or other promotional purposes of any sort. The user's content must provide unique creative or informational value.

  • At least three podcast episodes must be made publicly available for the consideration process.

Qualifications are left to the sole discretion of Pinecast's administration. Pinecast reserves the right to deny or cancel community membership at any time.

Plan Limits

Community plans are identical to Starter plans, with the following exceptions:

  • Community plans may only create up to five podcasts.

  • The Community plan's tip jar has a $50 tip limit.

Submitting for Consideration

If you believe you and your content qualify for our Community plan, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact any Pinecast staff member directly, or get in touch through the chat icon on the bottom right corner of every page.

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