Private Episodes

A private episode is an episode which is only available to paid listeners. That is, the episode is placed into special private RSS feeds for listeners that have set up a recurring tip for your podcast.

Note that private RSS feeds are not available to Tip Jar subscribers until a private episode has been posted for the podcast. If you do not yet have a private episode published, it's recommended that you post a private trailer episode to your show.

Private episodes are not available to podcasts owned by users with Demo accounts.

Marking an episode as private

When uploading an episode, choose the "Make episode available to paid subscribers only..." option and check the "Make episode private" box. Be sure to save.

For existing episodes, do the same on the Edit tab of the episode's dashboard.

Growth Add-on Features

Customers subscribed to the Growth Add-on have additional options available at the podcast level, found under Settings > Tip Jar on the podcast dashboard:

Minimum Contribution

A minimum contribution sets the minimum dollar amount that a user must be tipping before private episodes are available to them.

Note that increasing this amount above current recurring tip amounts will disable private access for those subscribers.

Automatic Privatization

This feature allows episodes to automatically be marked private after one of the following configurable conditions are met:

  • A certain amount of time (in days) has passed

  • A certain number of newer episodes have been released


Discontinuing the Growth Add-on will disable automatic privatization, and all episodes made private by that mechanism will become public once again.

Downgrading to a Demo account will not change the privacy status of any episodes, but those episodes will be inaccessible to listeners. Private episodes among the most recent ten episodes will count against the Demo plan's ten-episode cut-off.

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