Referral Codes

Paid customers can create a Pinecast referral code that will allow them to earn credit towards their subscription cost.

You can create a referral code by visiting the Referrals tab on the main dashboard (displayed as an American dollar sign on mobile).


If someone uses your referral code when upgrading, they must be on a paid plan for three successfully paid invoices (their initial invoice at signup plus two additional invoices).

If the user downgrades to the Demo plan at any point in their first two months, the referral is considered void.

Attempts at fraud or abuse will void the referral. Payout of referral credit is at the sole discretion of Pinecast.


Once the conditions have been met, the referrer will be given two months' subscription cost of their referral. A referral that signs up with Starter for two months will earn the referrer $20.

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