Customizing the embed widget

If you have a paid plan, you have access to our embeddable player feature. The embeddable player allows you to add a player for your podcast episode to a third party website, like a WordPress or SquareSpace website.

The embeddable player widget can be customized with one of three themes. To get the HTML embed code for a player, visit the episode dashboard. At the top, click the Player tab. Choose the theme that looks best to you, and copy the HTML embed code to your website.


The height of the player is determined by the theme. Each theme has a fixed height. The width of the player is determined by where it is embedded. It will expand to fill the full width of the container it is placed in. You can adjust this with CSS.


You cannot adjust the colors of the player directly. The Thick theme is stylized with the episode or podcast artwork, and the other themes use a clean white color scheme.

If you need more flexibility, please reach out so that we can understand your situation better.

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