How to share your podcast

Sharing your podcast is the best way to increase your audience. There are a few ways of sharing your podcast with the world.

Podcast websites

With all Pinecast paid plans, you have access to a podcast website. A website gives each of your episodes a unique URL, which you can share on social media.

Pinecast includes all of the meta tags necessary to show your podcast and episode information on social media. When sharing a website link to Facebook, your cover art and episode metadata will be included in the link preview. When sharing a website link to Twitter, your episode metadata will be shown in the link preview, along with a play button that opens an embeddable player right in the feed.

Podcast directories

Directories like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify are great ways to share your show. Podcasts shared on Apple Podcasts are given a URL that you can share with others.

The URLs for these directories are often long, however, and don't give your audience a great idea of what they're being linked to. We recommend using a link shortener like or link service like Link Tree, which you can customize with your podcast's name and track clicks with.

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