If specific instructions for the domain service that you use are not available, you can create the appropriate DNS records manually.

Under your domain's DNS settings, create a record for the hostname that you wish to use. To use the domain mypodcast.com, you would use @, ., or mypodcast.com for the record hostname. The following settings should be used with your record:

  • Record Type: CNAME
  • Target/Value: cname.service.pinecast.com 
  • TTL: Automatic, or one hour

Once you have entered the information for your record, be sure to save it.

On Pinecast, visit your podcast dashboard.

  1. If you have not already set up a site, visit the Site tab and create a site.
  2. Visit the Site Builder.
  3. Switch to the Settings tab, then Custom Domain.
  4. Set your domain name and save.
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