Pinecast provides a subdomain for every podcast created with a paid plan which can be populated with a beautiful custom site that is automatically generated.

Sites are hosted on (rather than as a security feature.

Creating a Site

  1. On your podcast dashboard, click the Site tab.
  2. If you have not created a site before, click the "Create one now" button to create a new site for your podcast.
  3. Fill out the form, optionally uploading a logo and/or cover art.

That's it! Pinecast will automatically create a new site for you.


Multiple designer themes are available to use with your site. To change the theme that you chose when creating your site, follow these steps:

  1. On your podcast dashboard, click the Site tab
  2. Click the "Site Options" button
  3. Click "Edit" in the upper right
  4. Choose a new theme from the Theme dropdown and click Save in the lower left

Other Features

  • All sites can provide iTunes and Stitcher Radio URLs for their podcast to show prominent buttons to allow users to subscribe.
  • All sites can add Google Analytics tracking codes to their pages by adding their tracker ID on the Edit page of the site.
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