Unless otherwise noted, all charts do NOT include data from Spotify. Charts are timezone-adjusted unless otherwise noted.

Total listens

This view includes only listens that were sent to Pinecast directly. I.e., it does not include listens from Spotify. Spotify listens can be found in the "Total listens on Spotify" view.

Total listens on Spotify

This view contains only data from Spotify. Note the stipulations on Spotify data listed below.


This view is not timezone-adjusted: days begin and end at midnight UTC.

Listens by episode (truncated)

This view breaks down listens by episode.

If there are more than eight episodes that received listens in the selected timeframe, we find the episodes which received the most ("top episode count") and fewest listens ("bottom episode count"). If the difference between the top and bottom episode counts is greater than 1/4 of the top episode count, we truncate the list of episodes shown to 6.

Truncation combines the least-listened to episodes into an "Other episodes" series.

Listens by source

This view shows the source of listens, including Spotify.

Note that because this view includes Spotify data, it mixes timezone-adjusted and non-timezone-adjusted listens into a single view. It also is affected by the stipulations associated with Spotify data.

Listens by agent

This view breaks down listens by the app that they originated from. This view includes data from Spotify.

Listens by OS

This view breaks down listens by the OS of the device that triggered the listen.

Listen growth

This view shows the cumulative total number of listens on the podcast over time. It includes Spotify data, and is not timezone-adjusted.

Listener locations

This view shows the country of listeners to your podcast. It includes data from Spotify.

Listener locations by city

This view shows the cities of listeners to your podcast. It does not include data from Spotify, as city-level granularity is not available from Spotify.

Subscriber locations

This view shows the country of subscribers to your podcast.

Subscriber locations by city

This view shows the cities of subscribers to your podcast.

Top episodes

This view shows the top 25 episodes of your podcast by total listen count. This view includes data from Spotify.

Other analytics


Most dashboards include totals at the top of the page. All of these totals include Spotify data (when available).

Episode totals

On podcast dashboards, the episode list includes total listen counts for each episode. These totals include Spotify data.


Episodes listed on the podcast dashboard can include sparklines of listen activity. These sparklines include Spotify data, but are not timezone-adjusted. Being as small as they are, the timezone-adjustment would have little to no visual effect.

Spotify data

Spotify does not provide us with data on followers.

Listen data from Spotify usually has a 36-hour lag time. We check for new data every 24 hours, which means that data can be delayed up to 48 hours total. If Spotify is running behind and misses their 36-hour window, analytics may be delayed up to 72 hours.

Spotify data is reported by day. There is no way for us to timezone-adjust this data as we do with data collected directly on Pinecast.

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