The Pro plan is designed for professional podcasters that need extra information and control over their podcasts. Often, Pro customers manage extensive networks of shows, and access and analytics features are invaluable to making better content.


Pro adds a number of analytics features. See the full list on the main Analytics article.



Pro users can add collaborators to individual podcasts. This allows another Pinecast user (on any plan) to access the podcasts they are given access to. Collaborated podcasts don't count towards Demo users' podcast limit.

This feature is useful for content creators that need to give producers or other creative staff access to a podcast without giving them full network or account access.


Pro users can create and administer podcast networks. Networks allow podcasts from one or more users to be grouped together. Members of the network can see and manage all other podcasts in the network.

Networks also provide combined analytics, allowing the direct comparison of podcasts and episodes across shows.

Password protection

Password-protected podcasts let you run a private podcast with a private podcast website and feed. Protected podcasts allow you to make your content accessible only to the people that you wish to grant access to.


Pro users have access to the Feedback tool, allowing the collection of comments and questions from users. Episodes can set custom feedback prompts, which ask specific questions to listeners.

Feedback can be collected per episode or for the whole podcast.


Starter users can upload audio up to 80MB in size. Pro users can upload audio up to 256MB in size.

Pro users can accept tips of greater value than Starter users (up to $50 instead of $20).


Pro users can set up notifications for important events, like receiving tips, episodes receiving listens, and podcasts passing growth milestones.

Private Episode Automation

Starter users can mark episodes as private. Pro users can set episodes to automatically be marked as private after a certain amount of time or after a certain number of new episodes have been released.

Site Customization

Pro users can customize their podcast websites further than Starter users can, like setting a favicon and adding content.

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