A podcast network is a group of podcasts that share hosts, content, and mutually promote one-another. Pinecast has built-in tools for creating and managing podcast networks. These tools are available for users with Pro plans and above.

Each podcast may belong to zero or more networks. There is no limit on the number of networks that a podcast can belong to.

Network Features

  • Unlimited members and member podcasts
  • Combined analytics, including listen, subscriber, and geographic analytics
  • All members of the network can access the dashboard for all of the podcasts in the network
  • Any type of user, including free users, may be a member of a network

If a user is removed from a network, all of the podcasts that they own are automatically removed from the network.

Network Limits

Though networks provide an incredible amount of versatility to podcast management, there are a number of limits that are imposed on them.

  • Features are only available on a podcast-by-podcast basis if they are available to the owner of the podcast. That is, a user with a Pro plan cannot view geographic analytics for a network podcast that is owned by a user with a Starter plan.
  • Only the owner of a network may deactivate the network.
  • Podcasts within a network may be edited by any member of the network, but only the owner of a podcast may delete it.
  • Only the owner of a network or the owner of a podcast may remove that podcast from a network.
  • Only the owner of a network may remove members from the network. Members may, however, remove themselves.
  • Only the owner of a podcast may add their podcast to a network that they belong to. Network owners may not add others' podcasts to their network.
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