Troubleshooting a problem like this is straightforward.

  • Is your episode available on another directory or app? If so, the problematic app or directory may just need some time to update. Apple and Google often take up to a day to refresh your feed, and the directory page can be out-of-date. If you need an episode to appear in Apple Podcasts or iTunes immediately, you can manually refresh your feed in the Podcasts Connect dashboard.
  • Check that your episode has already been published. If the publish time is in the future, it will not appear in your feed.
  • Check that your episode is not marked as private. It may be marked as private. Pro customers may also have configured episodes to automatically be marked as private.
  • If your podcast is new, check that you have properly configured a redirect from your old host to your Pinecast feed. Doing this will ensure your subscribers start using your new feed along with directories like Google Play and Apple Podcasts.
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